Google, and Ye Shall Find

Okay, so I didn’t intend to start a blog.  And now that I did, I certainly didn’t intend to blog about blogs.

But the world of blogs—specifically, mom-blogs—is fascinating.  As soon as I Googled “mom blogs” I found a treasure trove of dedicated mommy web-logs.  Not only did I learn that there are now over 200,000 moms blogging (!), there is apparently an entire online network of mom bloggers who all know and support each other!!

My first thought was—hallelujah!  That’s exactly what I was hoping for—a connection with other moms!

But my second thought was—hey, I’ve been a mom for over two years—why didn’t I find these mommy blogs before I decided to start a blog myself??

I guess my answer is that I had to affirmatively make a decision to that I would seek out—er, Google—the connection to other moms that I have been hoping for.  Such connections don’t just happen effortlessly.

Again, I’m brought back to this blog’s slogan (which I promise not to over-use but I feel like it comes in so handy in a mom’s life):  it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.


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