Even Supermom Gets the Flu

It was another whirlwind Saturday at our house:  major shopping spree at Target (love that place!), birthday party for a friend of N’s, steakhouse dinner for Father’s Day (Eve), stop at the ice cream shop on the way home, give Dad his gifts, put N to bed, stay up way too late drinking and talking with our next-door neighbors.

Sunday was Father’s Day—it was supposed to be Dad’s day to kick back with a cold beer, watch sports and relax.  Instead, nature had a different idea:  Mama came down with a nasty, feverish, achy flu and had to stay in bed all day.  So much for allowing Dad to take it easy on “his” day.

Flu was still hanging around on Monday, so I had to miss work.  Now that I’m working only part-time at our small consulting firm, I know it’s even tougher on my bosses and colleagues when I’m out for a day and have to skip a client conference call or deadline.

I try not to feel guilty for being sick, but it’s hard not to feel like I’m letting someone down when I have to spend two whole days in bed.  I’m in bed thinking about dinner this week and when I can get to the grocery store.  So I push myself to get out of bed and start moving around a little sooner.

And then I remember—hey, this is only two days of being sick—and I’m extremely grateful for my overall good health!

Now, off to take more Vitamin C—and maybe get to the grocery store!


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1 Response to Even Supermom Gets the Flu

  1. Poor Mama!!! Hope you are feeling better 🙂 I LOVE your blog and will be reading it every week to see what you are up to and feel connected! It’s nice to read funny stories like yours feel as if you are not so alone in the things we think and how crazy we think we are sometimes!!!!
    Love you Jul and wish we could have a rum and coke and chat every weekend 😦 Miss you lots and thanks for including me!!

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