Now that N is 2 ½, it’s a regular laugh factory around here.  N loves telling “jokes” to make us laugh.  Here’s some of her recent material:

N:  I want to go to Newwww Yawwwk!

Mama: Honey, you live in New York.  (Ed. Note:  we’re learning jurisdictions—i.e., NYC, Brooklyn, her neighborhood, street, etc.)  Did you know that some people call New York “The Big Apple”?

N:  No, New York is The Big BANANA!


N (pretending to be Ariel, flirting with Woody from Toy Story): Go away, Woody. (pretends to sleep with a smile on her face)

Mama (pretending to be Woody):  Oh, Ariel, are you sleeping?

N (as Ariel):  There’s nothing to talk about, Woody.


N:  The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the……(wait for it)…..ocean!


She’s here in Brooklyn all week—next week on “Last Preschool Comic Standing.”  Thank you!


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A mom in Brooklyn
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2 Responses to Jokes-R-Us

  1. Franma says:

    I love N’s jokes……especially the one about The Big Banana! That’s awesome. Love the blog and feel honored to be one of your special women to enjoy it. And thanks to your IT guy for his help! Love, Mom

  2. Oh yes, N is a regular riot. Today N told me (with a twinkle in her eye) that she is going to take me back to the “mama store.” I greatly protested and said I would cry if she took me back to the mama store. She relented and said she would come back for me and take me home. Whew!! 🙂

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