Who’s Afraid of Sailing

I am afraid of sailing.  Not afraid of boats or of water—of sailing.  When the wind catches the sail and tips the boat, I am overcome by panic and anxiety.  It’s a paralyzing feeling of being out-of-control.

And what fun-filled family activity will we undertake on our holiday weekend to visit my husband’s family in Massachusetts?  You guessed it—a nice sail on the ocean!

I could choose not to go sailing, but I really don’t want to be left on the shore while my husband and 2-year-old daughter go out on the ocean without me.  I have an instinctual urge to be right there with my daughter, even if I am scared out of my wits. 

So what is a mom rigid with fear to do?  This morning I Googled “fear of sailing.”  One website explained that a fear of sailing was naturally linked to a traumatic event with sailboats in a past life.  But I don’t think that’s right—I’m quite convinced I was an awesome girl pirate in a former life.  So that can’t be it.

There must be a trigger in my brain that sets off a “danger” signal whenever the boat leans to the side.  Somehow, I need to calm that anxiety and tell my brain that everything is o.k.—the laws of physics will prevail and the boat will not tip over. 

Fingers crossed!

More on my fear of flying another day! 

Arrgghh!! (said in my best pirate voice)


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A mom in Brooklyn
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