For Safety’s Sake

Since I became a mom, I am now “slightly” obsessed with my family’s well-being.

Hands must be washed.  Vegetables must be eaten.  Teeth must be brushed.  Seat belts must be worn.  Sunscreen must be applied.

No horsing around on the stairs.  No running with a lollipop in the mouth.  No running into a crosswalk without holding my hand.

There are things about my family’s health and safety that I can control.  There are many more things I can’t.  It’s a scary world out there—and not just with respect to the everyday dangers we can see.

A few days ago, I received an email from Babies-R-Us, telling me about (yet another) crib recall.  The notice said that Jardine is recalling drop-side cribs sold at BRU ( BRU had identified me as a purchaser of a Jardine crib.

It’s nice that they sent me the email, but the Jardine crib they were contacting me about was already recalled—two years ago.  It was a different recall, one which I found out about after N had managed to break one of the crib’s slats off in her hand.  Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt—someone was in the room with her.  But it easily could have been a different story.

Back then, there was no requirement that companies contact individual purchasers of recalled products such as cribs, car seats, etc.  I immediately sent off an impassioned barrage of emails to my elected officials—and many other moms must have done the same, because Congress soon passed a bill mandating that companies offer product registration cards so people could choose to be contacted in the event of a recall.

That was certainly a step in the right direction, and I received this BRU email notification because of it.  However, I am very disturbed that (a) Jardine is still manufacturing dangerous, poorly-made cribs; (b) Babies-R-Us is still offering Jardine cribs; and (c) the website link for the Jardine recall does not include information about Jardine’s previous crib recalls—such as the recall for N’s crib a couple of years ago.

I’m sending off an email to BRU to request that they discontinue the Jardine line.  And I’m definitely going to send in those product registration cards—they could be a lifesaver.


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2 Responses to For Safety’s Sake

  1. Hey Jul!!!!
    LOVE reading your blog- both funny (the “jokes” the potty learning adventures and “communication”!!! as well as the serious stuff like today… thanks for sharing and keep it coming!!
    Missed you guys on the 4th and wish we had been there 😦 especially to go sailing and help you as I’m sure it is stressful for you, but I applaud you for going despite your fears… think of what you are teaching your daughter about facing our fears mama!!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Jus! We got some great pics of N sailing, and even one of me smiling–ha! We missed you guys too. We are sooo ready to see you in the fall!! 🙂

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