Blizzard of 2010!

It’s Day 4 of being snowed in from the “Blizzard of 2010”!  Our street still hasn’t been plowed and our car is still buried in the snow:

Snow blowing in the wind along our street

Car buried in the snow

We’ve been outside a few times — G to shovel, N to play and me to take pictures:

Narrow path along the driveway

G and I took a walk this morning and passed the charred remains of a car in the middle of the street.  It was abandoned during Sunday’s storm and left to burn, as no fire trucks could get to it:

Burned-out abandoned car in the street

It has been quite spooky walking the streets in the weird snowscape, and our house and yard seem unfamiliar:

Snowy backyard

But I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying myself.  I’m on vacation from work this week anyway, so I don’t have anywhere to go or anything I must do.  In fact, the snowstorm and its aftereffects kept me at home when otherwise I would have been dragging N around town running errands.  Instead, our family has been able to stay indoors and enjoy lots of quality time together.  So I’m actually thankful for this force of nature which made us stop and take it easy for a few days!


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