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Why American Workhorse Moms are Pretty Great Too

So far in 2011, the hot news on the parenting circuit has been the “Tiger Mom,” Amy Chua, who boldly asserts in her new memoir and a recent Wall Street Journal article that strict, severe Chinese mothers are “superior” to soft American … Continue reading


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Take It or Leave It

I’ve been going through a bit of a rebellious phase in my pregnancy — against much of the “expert” (or not-so-expert!) advice offered to parents-to-be.  These days, there seems to be an endless supply of books, magazines and websites geared towards making parents insecure and … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Resolution…or Two

I began this New Year with (what I thought was) one of the best resolutions ever.  Then yesterday our family went back to our normal routine, and my lovely little resolution got a big, cold glass of ice water thrown in its … Continue reading

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