Elisa & Nathan

So G and I just found out that two of our friends were diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago — one with Stage 3 rectal cancer and another with stage 4 metastic breast cancer. 

It sounds like a bizarre coincidence, doesn’t it?  I mean, what are the chances that TWO people we know find out they have advanced forms of cancer within just days of each other?

Here’s the truly incredible thing:  they’re married. 

G and I have known Elisa and Nathan Bond for years.  Both in their 30s, the Bonds live in Brooklyn and have a beautiful 18-month-old daughter named Sadie.   And they both just started a year’s worth of aggressive medical treatment, including chemo, which means that every day brings new and complicated challenges that their family must overcome.

I don’t want to tell their story for them — they are both highly articulate, energetic, creative people who have their own blog, which is candid, heart-wrenching and amazing, all at the same time:  Family “BOND”ing Time.

Elisa started the family blog a couple of years ago, and she’s posted several times since hers and Nate’s diagnoses in February.  Nathan has written a couple of posts recently because Elisa has been too sick from her treatment.

Friends and family set up a website for the Bonds which includes their story, a video and a link to make a contribution to a trust that has been established to help pay their quickly-skyrocketing medical bills:  Friends of Nathan and Elisa Bond.

Everyone who knows them — and many people who don’t — are offering to pitch in to help their family in different ways, whether with child care or cooking meals or just sending words of support.  Last night when I checked out the website, over 500 people had “liked” the site on Facebook; tonight there are 850.  Their amazing story is spreading, and if positive thoughts and prayers really do have some physical impact in the world, then I am sure that Elisa, Nathan and Sadie will receive blessings as their family faces the biggest challenge of their lives.

Guys, we join literally hundreds — and probably thousands — of your friends & family who are are thinking of you and sending much love your way.


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5 Responses to Elisa & Nathan

  1. Kristin Thorne says:


    This is Kristin Thorne with CBS 2 in Manhattan. We would like to do a story with Nathan and Elisa in order to help them. If you could please give me a call at 212-975-5867. Thank you

  2. Lucille Festa says:

    Dearest Nathan & Elisa:

    I was on my home page this morning and on the side bar was your story. My heart and soul immediately felt such empathy for you both. You both having cancer and undergoing treatment while trying to care for your beautiful little girl seems like and unsurmountable task. Thank God for family and friends that are surrounding you both and placing you both on a cloud of love.
    I go to daily mass here in my town of Guilford, Ct., and I will keep you close to my heart and in my prayers every day. I will also ask for prayers for you both from all of my friends. May God carry you through this very difficult time and may you feel His love and His peace within your hearts.
    In love,
    Lucille Festa

  3. My prayer for you today, Our Father in heaven, we bring this loving couple before you and we ask for a “Miracle” of life for them and we pray for their little girl. Lord you are the source and finish of our faith. I ask that you strengthen them daily as they seek your face. Touch their bodies and minds and keep them in your will. We pray for you said in your word to pray without ceasing and we hold them up in prayer before you. You only know why, and you are the life giver and we pray that they shall live and not die and declare the glory of God in their lives and their daughters. in Jesus name Amen.
    Hi Elisa and Nate, I heard your story this morning as I was watching Today and I thought about an organic product that I am using and others are too. Maybe you never heard of reishi, “Red Mushroom”, it is an herb from China. Read up on it and if you decide to try it I believe it will help you. You have to stretch out on your own faith, and we on the prayer line will be praying for you also. God is good and I believe that He has given this treasure of the earth to us in the world, that we may have life and have it more abundantly. I attached my website if you would like to read up on the product. gaynelle.organogold.com. Be blessed and remember “It ain’t over until God says so”. My prayer for you today is that you be blessed, be healed, be delivered, be set free.

  4. Brooke says:

    I was looking for an update as to how they are both doing. There hasn’t been any new updates to their family blog since they went viral. I imagine that they are both going through hell with chemo and don’t have time or energy to blog. I would much rather them spend any time and energy with their adorable daughter anyways. I am just hoping for good news for them I guess! Thanks

  5. chrisie says:

    I pray for Elisa and Nathan every day of my life that they are given the strength and courage they need to keep fighting not only for themselves and for each other, but for their beautiful Sadie. I know too well what they are going thru and the med’s that they are on and what they are doing to their bodies. My mom passed at age 62 after an evil battle with Colon Cancer and at age 43, Stage IV Breast Cancer took my brother from me. With a good support system, of family and friends, it really does m,ake it a bit better and they both seem to have an amazing group of people rallying around them. May God bless you both. Stay strong and fight!

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