39 weeks…and counting

I awoke this morning to yet another day of pregnancy.  I haven’t complained much thus far, even during the nauseous first trimester, getting up to pee nearly every hour during the night, enduring splitting backaches and sciatica, and generally feeling as though I have a 9-pound bag of rocks in my abdomen (which I can say without hesitation is very uncomfortable, especially when trying to get in and out of bed).

I have been resisting any complaints because I know what a special time this is.  After I had N, I remember thinking how precious it felt when was when she was in my belly.  There is no closer physical relationship than a pregnant mother with her child in the womb, and for most of us — unless you plan on having a dozen kids and getting your own reality show –the opportunity to be pregnant only comes around once or twice, maybe three times, in a lifetime.

So I still don’t really want to complain.  Our family is truly blessed.  But now I want this baby to come out!!

I’m actually due on Monday, so I’m still technically only 39 weeks along.  However, G and I were positive that she was going to come early.  After all, N was due on October 13th and she came on the 9th.  Also, despite the fact that N was 8 1/2 pounds, once my labor started she didn’t delay her appearance — she was born only a few hours after I arrived at the hospital.

I figured, hey, my body knows what it’s doing this time around.  Surely it will whip itself right into shape a week or two before my due date.  I’ll have plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions, get all “ripened” up (I can’t believe they seriously use that term to describe my cervix) and push this baby out, no problem.


I have a prenatal massage scheduled this afternoon — my third during this pregnancy.  (By the way, I highly recommend prenatal massage for expecting moms, especially those with back or leg pain.)  Last time the massage therapist had to refrain from hitting all my “pressure points” because it could induce labor before I was ready.

When I originally made this appointment several weeks ago, I was convinced that I have gone into labor by now and G would have to cancel it for me.  But it turns out that I will be going.  So bring on those pressure points and let’s get this thing going!!


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1 Response to 39 weeks…and counting

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good Luck! I can’t wait to meet this baby girl… And see her big sis again too!!

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