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I didn’t realize how much pressure Kindergarten was placing on my daughter until last night. She was sitting at the table, complaining about the stack of homework in front of her and said, “I wish I was a baby again, … Continue reading

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Hi Honey, I’m Home!! What the…??

When I’m drinking a glass of wine at home on a Friday night, I sometimes like to read old anti-feminist texts from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. While I don’t consider myself a “feminist,” I do get a kick out … Continue reading

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Raising Two Kids in this Crazy, Modern World

In anticipation of my blog’s upcoming third birthday (yea!), and in recognition of the way cooler WordPress themes that are available now, I’ve given my blog a fresh new look. (Whaddya think??) But it’s not just the appearance I’m retooling. … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Christmas…MESS!!

In honor of the daily Christmas MESS that I am perpetually cleaning up during the holiday season, I wrote this little ditty. Hope you enjoy! On the first day of Christmas, my children gave to me — All the ornaments … Continue reading

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Preserving a free America for our children

Since Friday’s horrific mass murder of schoolchildren and teachers in Connecticut, I — like many moms with school-age children — have been sick with grief for those who were lost, and with worry for my daughters. Our family’s sense of … Continue reading

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O Pink Doggie, Where Are You??

As of last night, it’s official: I lost my daughter’s lovey. His name is Pink Doggie. The “Pink” refers to the color he once was, when he was new. My mom bought him in the hospital gift shop when Baby … Continue reading

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In the past 8 weeks, our family has made a series of big transitions: N started Kindergarten and dance lessons; Baby Sis started day care; G started a new job as well a new business venture, while I increased my … Continue reading

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Going to the pool — and getting lucky enough to swim!

Today the girls and I had our first experience with a NYC public pool. Predictably, we were traumatized, as I expected we would be — just not in the way I anticipated. For our first NYC public pool experience, I … Continue reading

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My outgoing/antisocial child…?

At 4.5 years old, our daughter N is a lovely, outgoing child (much of the time). She is well-liked at preschool by her friends and teachers and plays very nicely with the other kids. She is fun and funny and … Continue reading

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Useful grieving tactic: folding fitted sheets. (Who knew??)

As soon as I woke up this morning, I felt annoyed. It wasn’t that Baby Sis had been up intermittently since 4:00am. It wasn’t that N came downstairs at 6:00am to watch me do my exercises and chat while I … Continue reading

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