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I’m ready to admit it: I’ve started reading a book on how to manage my anger. It begins: “Anger is a part of life.” Unfortunately for this mom, anger is all too often a part of my daily life. My … Continue reading

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O Pink Doggie, Where Are You??

As of last night, it’s official: I lost my daughter’s lovey. His name is Pink Doggie. The “Pink” refers to the color he once was, when he was new. My mom bought him in the hospital gift shop when Baby … Continue reading

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Guardian of our family’s health

In the four years since N was born, I’ve gradually assumed the role of “guardian” of our family’s health.  I am the nudge who urges our family to eat better, exercise and get enough sleep.  I didn’t realize it for … Continue reading

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Waiting for Hurricane Irene

I’d call this the “calm before the storm,” but it’s not quiet on our block.  All day, landscaping crews have been working, filling the air with the near-constant whirr of Weed Whackers and leaf blowers.  At first, I thought our … Continue reading


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It’s Hard Work, Taking a Vacation

Now that we have two young kiddoes, I wouldn’t exactly describe our first family-of-four vacation as “relaxing.”  In fact, it was the hardest-working getaway we’ve ever had.  G and I both feel like we need a vacation from the vacation. … Continue reading

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In Transition

In the 7 weeks since Baby Sis was born, our family has undergone a series of transitions.  Some changes are obvious, while others are more subtle.  G and I went from focusing all our attention on one child to having … Continue reading

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No More Bedtime Battles (for now)

I have long hesitated to write a follow-up post on our harrowing “bedtime battles” that I chronicled this past fall and winter.  While it’s true that we’ve gradually achieved a saner, healthier nightly routine over the past six months, I … Continue reading

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Absolute Total Meltdown

Today I had a terribly un-fun mom-experience.  I had to take N home early from a birthday party because she was having an ATM (Absolute Total Meltdown). It was an inevitably lethal cocktail:  take one 9-month-pregnant mom with a killer … Continue reading

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Understanding (or Muddling Through?) Our Bedtime Battles

We’re still having our bedtime struggles with N — though not as lengthy and heated as they were a few weeks ago, when one night we put her back to bed a whopping 78 times over the course of two … Continue reading

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No Rest for the Weary

Well, we’re on night #4 of Operation Bedtime, implementing the Positive Discipline approach in a (somewhat desperate) attempt to train N to stay in her bed, once and for all. It’s a simple theory: every time she gets out of … Continue reading

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