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In Defense of Family Planning

I don’t usually write about politics here, but tonight I felt it was important to say something on behalf of women and families in this country. In recent days you may have followed the heated debate over whether a female … Continue reading

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Welcome to the World, Baby!

One month ago today, our family was blessed with the arrival of our newest member, Baby Sis.  She weighed 8 lbs, 9 oz and was officially pronounced “perfect” by the doctor (and unofficially “perfect” by us). Baby Sis took her … Continue reading

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No More Bedtime Battles (for now)

I have long hesitated to write a follow-up post on our harrowing “bedtime battles” that I chronicled this past fall and winter.  While it’s true that we’ve gradually achieved a saner, healthier nightly routine over the past six months, I … Continue reading

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Absolute Total Meltdown

Today I had a terribly un-fun mom-experience.  I had to take N home early from a birthday party because she was having an ATM (Absolute Total Meltdown). It was an inevitably lethal cocktail:  take one 9-month-pregnant mom with a killer … Continue reading

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Adjusting Expectations

Today I had a terrific mid-afternoon/early-evening plan:  put N down for nap, take a shower, get gussied up.  Make a delicious, healthy dinner for N.  Hand over the reins to grandma and go out to a friend’s birthday party with … Continue reading

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A “date” with my daughter

This weekend, G has been doing some painting in the house, so the three-year-old (N) and the pregnant lady  (moi) had to vacate the premises.  Very lucky for us, G’s mother lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and … Continue reading

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A Little More Joy

Following my last post about our friends Elisa & Nathan Bond, I received an unusually high number of “hits” on my blog.  People left comments in the form of prayers and reporters asked how they could contact the couple.  Unwittingly, I … Continue reading

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The “Baby Factory” Has Some Polite Words of Advice

I would like to politely suggest that Emily Post, Queen of Etiquette, update her advice on pregnant women.  Let me clarify — not her advice for pregnant women, but her advice for anyone who encounters an expectant mother.  Here are a few … Continue reading

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The Great Pink Princess Debate

Given my 3-year-old daughter’s obsession with princesses and all things pink, I’ve added another controversial mom book to my reading list (which I must admit is growing longer than I can keep up with these days):  Peggy Orenstein’s Cinderella Ate My … Continue reading

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Little Sis is on the Way!

This week we found out that we’re in for a special treat in June:  another little girl will join our family!  G and I didn’t have a gender preference for “Number Two,” but we were totally convinced that we were having … Continue reading

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