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One “rough and tough” mama

I believe N just wrote her first hit song this morning. We were trying in vain to get out the door on time, as usual, with me attempting to hurry things along. Typically the first dozen or so times I … Continue reading

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Kindergarten dress code for a budding fashionista??

This morning I took N to register at her “big girl school” where she will start kindergarten in the fall. After we completed our reams of paperwork, the administrator handed me a note from the principal stating that the school … Continue reading

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Nostalgia for the present

Having just celebrated the birth of a new year — happy 2012, everyone! — I have been wondering with a little trepidation what this year holds for our family. 2011 was a great year for us, thanks in large part … Continue reading

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Making the trains run on time (or not)

In our family, I am the timekeeper.  I make the trains run on time — or at least I try to.  Of the four individuals in our family, I am the one who (a) knows how to read a clock AND … Continue reading

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We’re Expecting! :)

Now that the 2010 holiday is one of our “Christmases past,” I have nothing left on my “to do” list except to anticipate a fresh start in 2011.  Fortunately, our family is blessed to have an extra-special event to look forward to in the New … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup for the Preschool Soul…?

As we were driving to preschool the other day, N said to me, “Mom, I hope Melody is at school today.”  I thought, what a nice, thoughtful thing to say.  Then N continued, “Melody has been nice to me for … Continue reading

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Settling in to fall…

As our family gradually settles into our new fall routine, I’m beginning to feel more settled too.  When N started preschool about a week and a half ago, it seemed that everything in our orderly home was thrown off balance—not … Continue reading

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The weather is still warm, but fall is on its way—and in some ways it has already arrived for our family. N started preschool this week.  Previously, she was in day care 3 ½ days a week, so the transition … Continue reading

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