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Two little girls + stressed working mom + client meeting = ??? Let’s find out!!

Maybe it’s because I’m a curious soul, or because I like a good challenge. Or maybe it’s because I have a teeny, tiny chip on my shoulder about being a working mom, and feel like I have something to prove. … Continue reading

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Take It or Leave It

I’ve been going through a bit of a rebellious phase in my pregnancy — against much of the “expert” (or not-so-expert!) advice offered to parents-to-be.  These days, there seems to be an endless supply of books, magazines and websites geared towards making parents insecure and … Continue reading

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Understanding (or Muddling Through?) Our Bedtime Battles

We’re still having our bedtime struggles with N — though not as lengthy and heated as they were a few weeks ago, when one night we put her back to bed a whopping 78 times over the course of two … Continue reading

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Give Thanks for the Complaints

The turkey is in the oven, but it’s not time to make the dressing yet; N and G are watching the Macy’s parade on TV; and I’m taking a break to write about what’s been on my mind this Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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