A Moment to Breathe!

Omg, omg — are both girls really in bed at 8:45?  Are the dishes really done, and do I really have nothing to do until my husband comes home from a late work dinner??  Let me raise a toast to myself with this glass of red wine I am drinking alone, which goes perfectly with the week-old chocolate birthday cake I am eating!  And chocolate-covered strawberries!!

I feel like I haven’t had a moment to breathe in months.  Baby Sis was born in June, after which I took a few months off from work.  In September I started working from home, doing special projects for the firm 8-10 hours per week.  (I work when Baby Sis is sleeping, or sitting in my lap while I pound away on the computer.)

But even with a light workload for the office, I’m always busy.  My mom-workload just never seems to lighten up.  Every day I feel like I’m bouncing around in a pinball machine, shooting precariously from one task to the next — of course while lugging around a heavy diaper bag, car seat and a massive stroller  — just trying not to drop the ball.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.  My days aren’t a physical or logistical (or emotional) piece of cake.  But I am probably having one of the best times in my life, right now, while the girls are small and I get to spend extra time with them.

Still, I cherish nights like these — a little peace and quiet for mama.


Um………..now what?!?!?!


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A mom in Brooklyn
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